Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rebirth of a Blog

Hello everyone,

I need to let you know that this blog will be changing. Dramatically. I had initially conceived this blog to be a place where I would explore fantasy and the many faces of it. I still will be doing that. I promise. But with the lack of subjects to talk about on a regular basis, this blog has fallen by the wayside. Like all my other blogs.

You see, I had several blogs. You may or may not know this, but I'm a writer, an avid cook, an artist, and a seamstress, and a crafter. I had a separate blog for nearly all of these facets of my life. And it just wasn't working. I mean, I'm not just a writer, a cook, an artist, or a crafter. I'm all of these. And with a blog who's address is my full name why shouldn't I reflect that.

So after much thought and deliberation, this blog will no longer be just a blog about fantasy and writing, it will be a blog about me, but even more so, about creativity. And believe me, I have a lot to talk about on that subject!

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