Friday, November 30, 2012

Writer Fridays: The Long Awaited End... of Nano.

It's the last day of Nanowrimo.

There are many people who have already passed that wonderful 50k word threshold. Some passed it today. Some yesterday. Some lucky bastards incredible writers passed it near the middle of the month. Kudos to them all. I am not one of those people this year.

No, I am not looking for your pity or condolences. Not this year. As of 3pm today (November 30th, 2012) I am still at barely more than 30k. Many years before I would have lamented it or given up a week ago. But not this year. You see, I've done this before.

Two years ago I began writing the Agara Saga. It was easy. The words flew from my fingers. I only had one day where I had to push out more than 5k. This year was different. It was a story I'd started writing the year before but failed. I had to scrap chapters before starting Nano and the ideas just wouldn't come after a while. How could Agara have been so easy while this one was like pulling teeth?

Then I realized something. This novel (which has become known as Blood and Shadows) is in the middle, the dreaded middle, the messy middle, or whatever you want to call it. This was new to me. All of my other novel attempts (and there have been SEVERAL) have been ditched at about this point. Left at the wayside when the going got tough. The beginning is always a fun breeze, a romp into the wonderful world I've created. The middle is where the real work begins. This is where you prove yourself as a writer.

That is why I'm not looking for pity this year at the end of Nano. I'm not sad at all. I may be nearly 20k shy of the goal, but I'm farther along in this project than any before and I can see the finish. I can actually see the end of this book. I will finish it and type those wonderful words that bring such relief and joy to every novelist.

The End.

So, if you've written 50+k or just 1k this wonderful November, give yourself full permission to celebrate. This year we're all winners because we've tried. We've put in the effort that many don't even care to. We've put words down on paper, telling stories that only we could tell. If this was your first attempt at writing, celebrate! You just became a writer. If you're a seasoned vet, celebrate! You weave the stories that keep us coming back for more. If you're just doing this for kicks, celebrate! That piece you just wrote will entertain you for years to come.

So, it's the end of Nanowrimo for another year. We all have a reason to be proud of ourselves. Until next year!